Vegan Smoky Ham Dip And An Easy Party Platter


Creamy, smoky, sweet, sour and deliciously savoury, this vegan smoky ham dip is a real crowd pleaser. The recipe is incredibly easy and it’s super quick to make. Perfect for the party season. It’s the star of the show in this easy party platter and because it’s vegan everyone can enjoy it.An easy to put together vegetarian party platter featuring three bowls of vegan smoky ham dip, various Quorn products and a selection of vegetable crudités.
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Quorn’s Vegan And Vegetarian Party Food

If you don’t know about Quorn’s range of flavour led vegan and vegetarian party food, you’re missing out. Either no preparation is needed or it’s just some oven time that’s required. Everything is either vegetarian or vegan and with so many people wanting to eat less meat, what could be better for a crowd pleasing festive party?
A selection of Quorn vegan and vegetarian party food.Quorn states their party food products are either “deliciously meat free” or “appetisingly easy”. I’ve tried all of the following products and I have to say, they are indeed just that. I had a hard time choosing a favourite.
You can purchase the range at one of the following supermarkets: Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.
Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices
Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices come in a handy peel and reseal pack. It’s great for sandwiches, of course, but have you ever thought of making a ham dip? It has a nicely balanced smoky flavour, which is distinctive, but not in the least overpowering. My mouth started watering as soon as I opened the pack.
Quorn vegan smoky ham slices on a board with a pack on the side.Quorn Crispy Nuggets
Bite sized pieces of tender meat-free protein in a light batter. These Quorn Crispy Nuggets are perfect party fair and great for dipping. They’re a firm favourite with kids and adults alike. Cook in the oven from frozen, or as I did, in an air fryer.
Quorn Southern Fried Bites
These succulent savoury Quorn Southern Fried Bites coated in a crisp and peppery southern style crumb are possibly my favourite. It’s the spicy peppery heat that does it. Cook these from frozen in the oven, or as I did, in an air fryer.
Quorn Sausage Rolls
You can eat Quorn Sausage Rolls just as they are out of the packet. A meat free savoury filling is covered in a light and flaky puff pastry. They’re good like this, but even more delicious when heated. They’re perfect for parties but also good for lunch boxes and general snacking.
They come in a pack of three, but for my vegetarian party platter, I cut each one into three pieces to make them easier to handle and go further.
Quorn Mini Savoury Eggs
These Quorn Mini Savoury Eggs are ideal party finger food. Delicious just as they are, you can also heat them up if you choose. Basically they’re vegetarian scotch eggs and CT enjoyed them just as much as the original sausage meat version. He’s a fan.
Quorn Cocktail Sausages
Well you can’t have a buffet style party without Quorn Cocktail Sausages. And no one’s going to miss the meat ones with Quorn cocktail sausages. CT tells me they taste just like their meaty counterpart, if not better.
Quorn Vegan Steak Bakes
Served hot, these Quorn Vegan Steak Bakes are absolutely delicious. Accompany with vegetables or salad for a quick and easy meal or include them in your festive party to ensure any vegans don’t feel left out.
But you absolutely don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy them. CT and I wolfed them down in short order. Bake from frozen.

Vegan Smoky Ham Dip

If you’re looking for an all round quick and easy to make dip, this vegan smoky ham version is up there with the best. Not only is it vegan, so that everyone can enjoy it, but it’s packed with flavour and texture.
Three differently patterned blue bowls filled with vegan smoky ham dip.Delicious smoky ham, smooth and creamy mayonnaise, sweet and chewy corn, savoury spring onions and a touch of lemony zing. It’s more than the sum of its parts.
In fact it’s become my new favourite dip. And it’s not just me. I had a hard time stopping CT scoffing the lot before it got anywhere near the party platter.
I make my own vegan mayonnaise, it’s a lot cheaper and more flavoursome than any commercial ones I’ve tried. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to make.
The quantities given here are for eight to ten people, but you can easily scale up the recipe as required. Or for smaller quantities, halve it and use any remaining ham slices in sandwiches or a salad.
If you’re planning a party or gathering and want to get ahead of the game, this vegan smoky ham dip is a great make ahead recipe. Store the dip in an air tight container and it will keep well in the fridge for at least four days.
As well as being the star of the show in my vegetarian party platter, this dip is a great way to use up any festive vegan ham leftovers. It makes a great sandwich filler and topper for crackers too.
Vegan Smoky Ham Dip: You Will Need
Ingredients for vegan smoky ham dip.Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free SlicesTinned sweetcornVegan mayonnaiseWhole grain mustardSpring onionsLemon juice
Vegan Smoky Ham Dip: Step-by-Step
I like to give a step by step process for my recipes, but this one is so easy, you may think there’s no point. It’s pretty much just a case of chopping the ham into small pieces then mixing it up with everything else. But in case you like a helping hand, here’s a complete breakdown of the process.
A glass mixing bowl full of vegan smoky ham dip.Step 1. Chop Ham
Start by chopping the ham into small pieces. This is ever so easy to do. Just pile the ham slices on top of each other, then cut into thin strips. Turn the cutting board ninety degrees and cut crossways into little pieces. Job done.
Pieces of chopped vegan smoky ham on a chopping board with knife.Step 2. Chop Onion
Remove the roots from the spring onion and give them a good wash. Then shake off the water and slice them, white and green parts, as finely as you can.
Step 3. Drain Sweetcorn
Open the tin of sweetcorn and pour it into a sieve to drain off the liquid. You can do this over the kitchen sink or collect the liquid in a jug. I tend to save it to add to soups or stews at a later date.
Step 4. Mix Dip
Reserve a few pieces of ham and a little sweetcorn for garnish. Tip the remainder into a medium sized mixing bowl along with the rest of the ingredients. Give everything a good stir so that the dip is well mixed.
A glass mixing bowl containing the Ingredients for vegan ham dip.Step 5. Serve Smoky Ham Dip
Divide the mixture between two or three small serving bowls or just transfer it to one larger dish. Garnish with the reserved ham and sweetcorn and a few sprigs of micro greens or small salad leaves, if liked.
A turquoise patterned bowl filled with vegan smoky ham dip.

Vegetarian Party Platter

This vegetarian party platter couldn’t be easier to create. It looks appetising, tastes as good as it looks and is bound to garner a few oohs and aahs from your guests, friends and family.
An easy to put together vegetarian party platter featuring three bowls of vegan smoky ham dip, various Quorn products and a selection of vegetable crudités.For eight to ten people, you will need:
1 quantity of smoky ham dip (see recipe at the bottom of the post)1 210g pack Quorn Sausage Rolls – each cut into three pieces1 240g pack Quorn Mini Savoury Eggs1 180g pack Quorn Cocktail Sausages1 300g pack Quorn Southern Fried Bites (find in the frozen aisle)1 476g pack Quorn Crispy Nuggets (find in the frozen aisle)1 300g pack Quorn Vegan Steak Bakes (find in the frozen aisle)2 bell peppers – washed, deseeded, cored and cut into sticks. It’s good to go for contrasting colours.3 carrots – scrubbed, topped and tailed then cut into batons.3 sticks of celery – washed, topped and tailed then cut into batonshalf a cucumber – washed and thickly sliced into rounds.200g cherry tomatoes on the vine – washed8 dill picklessprigs of salad greens, such as pea shoots, watercress or micro greens.
Step 1. Cook Quorn Products
Cook the Quorn products as per pack instructions. Only the poppers, nuggets and steak bakes need cooking, but you can heat the cocktails sausages, savoury eggs and sausage rolls for a bit of seasonal warmth and cheer if you like.
Step 2. Prepare Veg
Whilst these are heating, prepare the veg, as instructed above.
Step 3. Make Smoky Ham Dip
Make the dip as per the recipe instructions given at the bottom of this post. Spoon the dip into two or three small bowls. Garnish each with a little of the chopped ham, some sweetcorn and salad sprigs.
Quorn vegan and vegetarian party food products with a mixing bowl of vegan ham dip in the middle.Step 4. Assemble Party Platter
Place the bowls on a large wooden board or serving platter. Pile the sausage rolls, eggs, sausages, poppers and nuggets into mounds on the board. Arrange the vegetable batons and slices in piles, around the Quorn products. Fill in any holes with the pickles. Lay tresses of vine tomatoes over the top then garnish with a few salad greens.
An easy to put together vegetarian party platter featuring three bowls for dipping, various Quorn products and a selection of vegetable crudités.Party Platter Top Tips
If you have room, add the steak bakes. Or for a mini vegan platter, place these on a separate board with a bowl of smoky ham dip and some of the vegetable crudités.
A mini party platter of vegan steak bakes, a bowl for dipping and vegetable crudités.For a more substantial buffet type meal, serve this easy party platter with bowls of salad and a few more dips. Potato salad, coleslaw and a crisp green salad are always popular.
As for dips, a nice variety of textures and colours are ideal. Try my guacamole and aduki bean dip. Both of these are vegan, so everyone can enjoy them. Some sort of spicy tomato sauce would be lovely too.
The steak bakes are particularly good with the pickles and cherry tomatoes. Whereas I find the poppers and nuggets go well with cucumber. Everything works brilliantly with the smoky ham dip.

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Vegan Smoky Ham Dip. PIN IT.
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Vegan Smoky Ham Dip – The Recipe

A patterned turquoise bowl of vegan smoky ham dip. Print

Vegan Smoky Ham Dip

Creamy, smoky, sweet, sour and deliciously savoury, this vegan ham dip is a real crowd pleaser. The recipe is incredibly easy and it’s super quick to make. Perfect for the party season. It works brilliantly as part of a party platter and because it’s vegan everyone can enjoy it.Prep Time5 minsCook Time0 minsTotal Time5 minsCourse: Dips, Spreads & SaucesCuisine: BritishKeyword: dip, party food, sweetcorn, veganServings: 8 peopleCalories: 251kcalAuthor: Choclette @ Tin and ThymeIngredients100 g pack Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices chopped into small pieces340 g tin sweetcorn (285g drained weight)250 g vegan mayonnaise (it’s ever so easy to make your own)2 tsp whole grain mustard3 spring onions (scallions) – finely sliced¼ to ½ lemon – juiced¼ tsp sea salta few grinds of black pepperInstructionsReserve a little of the vegan ham and sweetcorn for garnish.In a large bowl, mix the remaining vegan ham and sweetcorn together with the mayonnaise, mustard and spring onions.Add a little lemon juice along with the salt and pepper. Give another good stir and taste for seasoning. If you think it needs a bit more lemon juice or salt, add them, but go carefully.Spoon into one large bowl or two three small ones. Garnish with the ham and sweetcorn you set aside earlier and a sprig or two of salad greens if liked.NotesServe with vegetable crudités, cherry tomatoes, pickles and a selection of Quorn party food.Please note: calories and other nutritional information are per serving. They’re approximate and will depend on exact ingredients used.NutritionCalories: 251kcal | Carbohydrates: 11g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 269mg | Potassium: 96mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 140IU | Vitamin C: 5mg | Calcium: 6mg | Iron: 1mg Tried this recipe?Please take a photo and mention @choclette8 or tag #nanorecetas on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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